We have owned this 5-LETTER domain name since first registering it back in 1997! We operated our business using this name for a few years but have decided we may be willing to sell it now since we are no longer using it and for the right price.

Chook = An Aussie slang word for chicken that's commonly used as a 'nice insult.'

5-letter domain names are rarely available for registration these days and the ones that are, tend to be a jumble of mixed letters.

Chook (rhymes with book), easy to say, easy to type, and short for your marketing materials!

There is a lot of strength in using a short domain name and URL. The number 5 is regarded auspiciously in several fields. In numerology, it represents personal freedom. In mathematics, it is a prime number and an essential building block of number theory.

PRICE - $25,000 (not negotiable).

US Bank check for the exact amount only. Registrant will be transferred upon your funds clearing.